Account Server Unreachable (yes, another one sorry)

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Yeah, sorry to bother you because i know you get asked this alot, but i have followed all of the steps mentioned in the FAQ several times and it is still not working.
Searching the other threads on this topic i have seen such things mentioned as:

forward specific TCP/UDP ports

but i have no idea what this means, can someone please explain to me what this means, any other steps I can carry out to solve this, or if someone is willing to just create an account for me i will be most definatly indebted to them. Thanks in advance :D


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    In your router you will find menus that will allow for forwarding of ports and protocols. Ports might be considered doorways or ports, like the 2 meter square exhaust port on the Deathstar, really not much bigger than a womp rat back home, while protocols can be considered languages, but your protocol droid is built into your router so no worries there. Each router has different instructions as far as setup and administration so please refer to your routers' manual. First we need the address of the system you wish to play the game on. In a windows environment you can simply go start/run/cmd/ipconfig and note the top series of numbers, more accurately known as an octet. For example: is a common ip address. Once you have that number you enter that into your router as the address for wich you wish to open ports/protocols and save your work. In the case of t2 one would want to open at least port 28000 for udp and tcp protocols. Another method to try is to put the address of your machine into your routers' dmz. This allows net traffic to pass unhindered to and from the address entered in the dmz field. Keep in mind that the router cannot protect any machine in a dmz from undesired traffic, so use the dmz option only to create accounts and then be sure to disable the dmz after account creation, the game should play just fine through the router as normal. And now you know!
  • Okay, thanks for the help, hope to see ya'll online soon :)
  • I wouldn't recommend forwarding any ports for the game unless you're hosting a server (much less DMZing), and in that case only the port you're hosting on, such as UDP 28000 for default server settings. You will only need to forward the port over TCP if you are running a script requiring TCP traffic or the built-in Telnet system for remote administration.

    The reference to ports in the FAQ entry on this subject is specific to a firewall/AV program blocking communication to the game, and you can usually add an exception in whatever application control features it has.
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