Written by a guy named PHX-Mouse who was a long-time T2 and T1 vet, mousemod was one of my favorite mods. I used to play this one A LOT. It ran on a server called Combat PA 3.0 if anyone remembers.

Anyways, there are some versions for DL at

The latest version has something called "the vulcan gun" which most people didn't like, so the version before that is generally the most popular one (v 24834)


  • Don't know if you remember me, but I was on CPA a lot too... Do you know if anyone is putting up a server w/ Mousemod?
  • Please,Please,PLEASE someone put up a Mousemod server.
  • I might be able to. Can't decide between that and base... base will be more popular, and let's face it... nobody likes to play in an empty server :(
  • I would love to see mousemod also!
  • Used to love me some mousemod as well, until I realized how stupidly overpowered the shield packs were in it. I continued playing, primarily because that's where everyone I knew was, but also because I got to be pretty damned good with concussion grenades, and I enjoyed figuring out how to cream all the guys that felt like the shields made them nigh invincible.

    Was one of the founders of 3D-.. ElectricMindFunk
  • I was in 3D ;D

    Sap and Scyth recruited me

    The shields aren't overpowered if you carry concussion nades or an ELF gun.

    EDIT: or a blaster
  • Well, that suggests that the shields aren't powerful enough in the regular game. And a heavy with a shield pack in your gen room in BASE Tribes 2 is bad enough. Now lets give that heavy replenishing energy while in an active shield pack, as well as beacon boosters to get across the map easily and quickly to the enemy base.

    Just because you can kill him, doesn't mean it's not too powerful. That would be like saying having an armor class that's equal to juggy in health and weapons, but having the mobility of the light isn't overpowered compared to the other three because, hey, you can still kill him.
  • Actually if I was going to run another mousemod server, I'd remove beaconboosters.
  • Don't know if you remember me, but I was on CPA a lot too... Do you know if anyone is putting up a server w/ Mousemod?

    Another vet of the CPA server! ;D
  • I loved to play MM as a HO. Some of my best times were on the CPA server it would be great if you could set up a server for that.

    I would love you long time
  • Oh man. Moutheater, sodium, PimsAlot...

    Someone call Aggie, Biggie, find Tribok, Pisn, the lot of them.

    Mousmod server, goooo.

    -CPA- will live again.
  • Coro! Wow it's been quite some time!

    Tbok knows about this, I sent him an email last week. I sent Pisn an email but no response so far. Aggie got into WoW and dropped off the face of the earth. Haven't seen biggie since 2005
  • So many familiar faces! I used to play a lot on CPA as well if any of you remember me.

    A mousemod server would be great if we could get enough people interested.
  • Critical mass is going to be hard to reach, that's for sure.
  • Oh, I wouldn't say that. We still have the Mousemod server, we just turned it off after it got virus-infected and didn't have time to deal with it. It was not heavily used much anymore either. But since then ListerD and I talk about firing it back up again every once in a while, it wouldn't take much to do. Napalm, Lister and I are playing MobWars on Facebook right now and have kept in touch.

    With more targets, ahem, er, I mean esteemed players to play with it would certainly be more fun, and it looks like we've got some interest here!

    Regarding Shields - one of the big problems with shields (and cloaks) was that they weren't self sustaining. What good is a shield that shuts down just as you need it? Blasters, concussion grenades, and other heavy armors were quite good at taking down a heavy. An experienced player could take out a heavy in a couple passes (assuming skill levels, some players in heavy were practically invincible - like me - but that's what you get for playing T1 and T2 for many years). You have to know how to use everything you have rather than just the gun in your hand. Everyone always seems to forget the blasters and grenades. Cloakers were also a good balance, nothing like blowing the stuff off a heavy and watching him run around trying to pick up his stuff. And then the lights were given the rapid fire 15 round grenade launchers which were pretty effective, if the heavy was dumb enough not to move out of the way!

    Mouse misses you guys!
  • Holy buckets, it's Mouse.

    I personally never had a problem with shields or cloakers, except when I was fighting Moutheater. Forget heavies with inv packs in your base (You, Aggie), Mouth in medium with his plasma and his shield pack was game over a lot of times. :-\

    Put it up! Put it up! Do it! We can probably create a good base of players if we give it a shot.
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    Regarding the shield packs: The primary problem I saw with them was that a few heavies with shield packs could easily hold a gen room for an entire match. I think players should spawn with something that's extremely effective at taking out shielders. I think a special blaster would do the trick, slightly faster rate of fire, much faster projectiles (the coding for blasters bases the reflective property on time IIRC, so faster projectiles means more bouncing around), and also make the blaster fire in a cone, or even with a shotgun effect.

    Another note, I think the sensor jammer pack should have the same mousemod benefit as the shield and cloak... lower energy drain. And possibly also effect shield packs.

    The main issue would be addressing downed gens though. Increasing spawn armor's capabilities specifically for taking down shielders camping your base could help.

    I've had a few other ideas too, but those might be too powerful. For example, EMP nades/mines that "shuts off" the victims' energy for a few seconds. Or (for fun), a sniper rifle that heals instead of hurts (but requires a repair pack, and saps all the user's energy like a laser rifle, usable by medium armor only?).

    Anyways, despite my gripes... I'll be more than happy to join the MM server if it pops back up. Be great to see a bunch of the old players again. Hopefully Exon will pop up, I miss the guy.

    "The Funk's gots a kid? The Funk's gots a kid!" -Exon
  • Hey! I did some tweaking and I think CPA is back up! It's showing on the list, though I don't have T2 loaded here at work yet so I can't test it.

    Can someone take a look and let me now?

    Regarding heavy's with shields, i did tweak the hyperblaster a little so its a bit more powerful, and it does penetrate shields...

    Now if I could only remember the admin passwords.... heh
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    Checking now.

    Joined up, it's loading. My room mate is downloading something, so it's killing my connection right now.

    Yep, up and running Katabatic.


    Interesting, when I left the server, it was no longer appearing on my list. All I did was change the map.
  • It should be back up now. I was busy backing up 1.6GB of data off the server (backing up the T2 directory) and doing some updates and then had to reboot.

    Should be better, and faster now!
  • I've noticed that it's very rare to see people join a bot server. For whatever reason, people are more willing to join an empty server than one with bots.
  • BOOH! ;D

    I connected this morning for a few minutes. It worky! It worky!
  • Holy crap! It's ListerD!

  • Oh not much... getting older by the day.

    But hey, at least T2 is back! ;D

    Saw Phelps last night on CPA. Me, Phelps and Napalm did some bombing :)
  • I've noticed that it's very rare to see people join a bot server. For whatever reason, people are more willing to join an empty server than one with bots.

    Probably because most people I've talked to automatically filter bots entirely, or anything over some small number (5 for me), and personally once I see a single fake playercount that doesn't match a bot count I ignore that server forever.

    yeah I always thought shieldpacks were fairly imba since the blaster just didn't cut it anymore. That's when I got into the habit of always carrying an ELF on D.
  • I've seen a Combat Pi 3.14 (haha) more than once online. That's not 'ours' is it?
  • It's mine. I setup a test server to figure out what's wrong with the maps on CPA.

    Like the name huh? ;D

    We could turn off the bots I guess, but then you'd be sitting around waiting for someone to join.
  • Regarding the invalid player count: that isn't necessarily a deliberate thing, there was some kind of scripting bug in the player count, we put in a patch to fix it, thanks to one of the guys here.
  • Hey!

    I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I played on Combat PA quite a bit back in the day. I just beat the mess out of some bots on the server, but I'm still absurdly rusty. I can't remember any of the controls, my spinfusor aim is a mess, and I can't pilot a shrek for my life (although that's probably the same as from before).

    I definitely remember na85, ListerD, PissinNapalm, and of course Mouse...

    Anyways, thanks for getting the server back up, home to see y'all online in the near future.
  • I kind of remember the name...

    There's a few of us going to hookup tonight if you want to join in.

    I'll be on around 8:00PM Central.
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