forgotten password

OK, so when I set up the new account in TN, I made up a brand new password.
And promptly forgot it. :'(
I did set the "Remember Password" radio checkbox so am able to log into my
account on that machine.
IS there something in place to assist me in recovering/resetting that pass?
If not, could this be considered for a later RCx? ..... -soon-?

LoL- yes, it IS embarrassing since
I do work in the IT industry and caution against poor password maintenance ....

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  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Since you have your password saved on a computer, and can still perform login on that computer, you can recover your password by installing this vl2:

    Place the vl2 file into Tribes2/GameData/base, do the login with the remembered password. After you log in, bring down the console with the ~ key, and run the following command: echo($passwordCatch);

    Once you have recovered your password this way, remove the vl2.

    Beyond catching a remembered password with the above method, there is no way to recover or reset the password to an account.
  • Cool, I will give this a try- many thanks.
  • Place the .cs file into your gamedata/base/scripts/autoexec folder.
  • :D:D:D:D:D;)

    Did exactly as instructed and have my password bak.
    Many thanks.
    I am sure others will benefit from this post! )LoL(

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