Map Editing: Spawn Points

Hey, what's up? This is rJay. I have a problem. When I edit an exsisting mission, then save, it messes up the spawning: thus it spawns me at 0,0. Which is most of the time under ground, and is bad for CTF, Arena, etc. How do I fix this? Thanks!

P.S. I've already looked at all the map editing tutorials I could find. :P I really need to know: 1. how to edit without messing them up. Or: 2. How to add new spawn graphs. Any help is awesome. Thanks for listening! :)


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    btw, most tutorials are for early t2 days. I need info from modern mappers. ;)

    EDIT: Does it matter that I am editing in the Classic MOD?
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    If you haven't modified anything in the spawn areas but have changed the mission's filename, you can simply find the existing spawngraph file ("mapname.spn") in the terrains directory and rename a copy to match the filename of your new mission file.

    However, if you have modified these areas, you'll need to generate a new spawngraph. If you're using the mission editor, switch to the "AI Editor" from the window menu, then select "Build Spawn Graph..." from the "AI" menu.
    Alternatively, start the mission on a dedicated server and enter into the console: buildNavigationGraph("spn");
  • Thx ill try it.
  • Ok, man. I tryed it and it didn't work... should i delete the exsisting spawn graphs first, and then create new ones? And then do what you said? Or.... ? Thanks for your help. :)
  • Ok. What I said above worked. :) thx for the help
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