Dedicated Server Error

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When i try to host a Dedicated server of any kind i get an error about light_male.dts is not found even though i checked and it was there.. it is the only thing that is triggering it and would like some help on how to fix it

edit: i mean validation required for shape: Light_male.dts

another edit: i am wondering how to make a .dso file that i can distribute with out any sort of error.


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    The "validation required for shape" is not an error, it is a notice to inform you that the CRC check is enabled in the datablock for the specified shape - to verify that the clients connecting to the server are using the same files. You do not need to do anything to change this for your server to operate normally, but if you feel like removing the check from the datablock you can comment out the computeCRC line it contains.

    To distribute a compiled script file, simply execute it as you would normally or run compile("myscript.cs"); in your console.
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    Thx Krash i can always count on you! :)

    edit: Omg i still can't get the .dso file to work like the .cs file it won't exec and when it does it gets an error

    another edit: nvm i got it lol i just need to exec it as a .cs file not a .dso file
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