Permanent "server sent back unreasonable IP challenge source|..."

Permanent "server sent back unreasonable IP challenge source|Possible replay attack attempt."

For weeks now! Can somebody help me break this madness? First seen once or twice in the past - then with question mark on your face, you ok it out of the way then try to join game again and proceed as normal. Now its came sporadically up again, but this time has ended up being perpetually permanent! I've seen the one entry on this forum that is titled with this same exact wording error, topic "" and worked all angles of that advice, with no change of symptoms.

As far as Anti-virus protection and firewall elements, I didnt see why or how that might be any element because Im still using the same anti-virus protection and firewall I've used since ground zero anyway, and to nix that as some possible culprit uninstalled the whole lot to no avail as far as a cure. Reinstalled the whole game a couple of times and hoped for success 'before' adding side scripts and what nots, still same problem. After the 3rd reinstallation it went from bad to worst for pushing a week because then it started saying as you tryed to run the game, that it didnt see the account locally stored would you like to retrieve it? And then couldnt retrieve it saying "server is offline or unreachable" I believe. Think this was server related mechanical glitches and that cleared after X days, so now back to the initial "unreasonable ip challenge source" anomaly again.

10 yrs ownership of this magnificent game and have never seen the likes of some weird glitch not enabling me to use it. In anticipation, any help/advice will be greatly appreciated to slay this monster malady. Help!


  • If you've followed the last suggestion in the FAQ you've seen, and are still getting this message, it's possible that your Internet service provider is manipulating your connection. The IP check is designed to detect active proxying by computers between yourself and a game server. This does not occur unless the ISP is actively manipulating your connection by installation of a transparent proxy, or in certain situations when behind carrier-grade-NAT with load balancers between multiple endpoints.

    It's bad practice for internet service providers to engage in this sort of behavior, but nonetheless, some ISPs do it.

    Your post was submitted from a Cingular/AT&T Mobility IP address. Are you attempting to play with a cellular phone connection?

    I wrote some instructions for a player in the UAE, who had an ISP with some sort of filtering/spying equipment causing similar interference. See: for a script that will disable the client side half of the IP check.
  • Thank you Thyth sir, you are the man...!

    Yes, I currently use ATT Mobile broadband, and they supply that internet with their cellular phone tower infrastructure.

    Here’s a few pointers on things that existed over here. It seems to me my Ip address is changing quite frequently (last 2 digits usually). I see it one thing one minute, and 30, 60 minutes later it could be something else, even without having disconnected and connected again. I know most Isp customers have a dynamic Ip that changes but maybe that often? Called the tech support to get some idea whats normal change range and he said they wouldn’t really tell customers something like that, wth? But I’m not sure if you kind of would say something like that could be behind this Ip challenge source msg.

    The latest stage of symptoms had changed to either the “unreasonable ip challenge source “ message…or just as much, a Ue error type drop, when trying to join any server (without it necessarily saying Ue). Either, one or the other, the latter even worst because you don’t even get the decency to see some bullshit msg you don’t want to see, lol.

    Now the results. The script you pointed me to…
    “”, and said to name overide.cs -looks like it chopped this monsters head off! Now, if I press join, it just goes in and joins, like it used to all along, without the b.s.

    I believe it will stick…although it is tribes2 scary, that your script/sword is my only reprieve of what was going to probably be a hitch forever, from whence it come I don’t know, but I think it wanted to be forever. So in salutation, I thank you very much again, my friend.

    Ps. You shall live a long, fruitful and illustrious life!
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