Need hardware/bandwidth info for server hosting...

As the title says, I am working possibly putting up a vehicle centric server similar to what houston/Miami's old server. I am new at this however and cannot find any relevant or recent info on how much resources T2 will eat.

Since T2 is pretty old and requires little resources to run, what am I looking at for a rig to host somewhere in the ballpark of a 60 person server? Processor/Ram, etc.

With a ~60+ person server, how much bandwidth will it swallow in a month? 200+ Gigs? 500? 1T?

Thanks in advance to anyone that currently or has in the past hosted a larger T2 server!


  • I dunno about the bandwidth as it was never an issue for me at the time, but we ran a large (64 person) server that was quite often full back in the day. If I recall the server was a dual 1.8 ghz processor, and 1-3 gigs of ram (we added more for other things too). It was run off the Linux OS.

    That server handled the load rather well. I'd guess any modern day machine could handle the load pretty easily. The only problem you'll run into now is apparently TribesNext doesn't work with Linux OS's, if you go that route.

    Someone had a post elsewhere talking about how much bandwidth T2 used.
  • Think max settings in the game are limited to 32pps, 450 size. Do the math for however many players you anticipate, add some extra. Since t2 netcode is so nice, you won't always send fat packets. Just lots of skinny ones.
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