is trybe ded?

Can't login or create a new account, odd.


  • That's not cool, man. I don't know enough about this... Sorry. :P I'm kinda new.
  • Sorry ^^, everything's working now though.
  • Oh. Ok. Great! :D What server do you play?
  • The one and only, Goon Haven, though I sometimes check out the other servers like the bot killing one, meltdown mod, and construction if anyone is on.
  • Okay. Cool. You should check out GOVANATOR HEAVY METAL, and BDC's BIO MOD. They are both awesome. :) Also, I'm a mapper for Goon Haven. You should check out my latest map poll. :)
  • Lol this mod is pretty crazy
  • Who hosts that server? Is it you rJay? If so can I make a request, can you make the smoke from the SCUD launcher missile live longer than it's currently set, something like 8 seconds instead of what it's currently set, this way people can track the source of the missile, plus it looks cooler.
  • Indeed, that would be better. However, I do not host the server. I'm just an Admin. Contact GOVANATOR about it. I'm not sure how to reach him, other than in-game, though. Sorry.
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