Modding Problem

Hello again. This is rJay. I know I've been posting a lot, but I need help. I've been able to mod ::) a little here and there, but I was only modding current weapons, packs, vehicles, and the player itself. However, I would like to create additional weapons, packs, vehicles, and armor types. I just don't know where all to add them in all the different scripts. Could an experienced modder direct me? Thank you.

P.S. I don't want any tutorials. I already checked them out, (all that I could find which was a lot) and while they were good, they didn't provide details for vehicles, armor, and packs. I would like to have all of this information from an experienced modder. In other words, I want my own mod. And all the tutorials are out-dated, or not complete enough.


  • The 'outdated' tutorials and not outdated. They are just old - because T2 is old. To learn by yourself how to add packs, just "Ctrl+Find" 'energypack' and see where all the code is. Most will be in player.cs, inventory.cs, energypack.cs (obviously), and sometimes other files (especially ia files).

    I'll try and find some tuts that are easy, but to add weapons, packs, vehicles, and armor types are a little difficult because of all the place you have to add code.

    Just remember: Mess around, keep backups. It won't break your computer, just the game.

    EDIT: Check this out -
  • Yo, man. I've since had someone help me find a good tutorial. Thank you for your response. :)
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