help , im new

So i found the game on some website for a lan group. It would be nice to know some tips. Im useing the wsad controls and want to drive something but dont know how. any help would be liked.


  • There is a manual included with the game that gives you some pretty useful information, if you installed to the default location then it should be located at C:\Dynamix\Tribes 2\Manual\Tribes 2 Manual.pdf as that's where it is for my install right now.

    As far as vehicles, your keys you use to play without a vehicle maps onto pretty much any vehicle exactly the same. Obviously the Jericho Mobile Point Base won't be doing much strafing, but it still has a booster bound to your jet button.

    It's been a while since I have played so I can't really offer much as far as tips.
  • if you have skype we can do a call and i can give you a rundown on how to use everything. pretty fun to learn
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