crudential download failed.. new install using kizz

something up with crudential server?
blew out t2 and re installed.
launch game
retrieve account: kizz/password
now I get curdential download failed when trying to login as kizz with password
cant even create a new account =(

any ideas?



  • Fixed. In the future, when this issue occurs (server shows up online when checking availability, but fails to download credentials or create a new account), please join the IRC channel (#tribesnext on, and poke me (by saying my name) with the problem. I still need to iron out the glitches with the new account server code.
  • the man behind the came that truly spans the test of time.
    I can honestly say you are truly appreciated and would like to thank you for keeping one of the great games alive and thanks for your efforts.
    the skills show and indeed I can connect again. Although I don't play all the time it's a blast..when I don't feel well it brings a smile.

    happy holidays
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