No servers in the list

There are no servers in the list and when I go to the server list on the website it just gives me download links. It worked a while ago so I know it can work..


  • I show them as up, dude. Check your filters. :)
  • sorry didnt help
  • Oh. Darn. Sorry. Thyth, can you help him, please? I have limited knowledge of this. However, in the meantime, make sure you have the TN patch, blah blah.. Make sure you have an internet connection. (you obviously do) Make sure any security programs aren't blocking it.
    Other than that, ask Thyth. :) Good luck, man!
  • Have you looked at this FAQ topic?

    Also, what Windows OS are you running? Any antivirus or firewalls up? Please provide more info so that we can better help you.
  • I finally got it fixed when I tried again yesterday, I am so happy! Thanks for the help guys I owe you!
  • Sure. :) I'm happy you got it running.
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