Is anybody out there? We need more players!

tl;dr - Don't be lazy. Read it... Okay fine...
"I've been playing T2 a long time. I don't like how unpopular the game has become. I think we can fix this problem. What do you think?"

I first started playing tribes with Starseige Tribes (T1). My older brother was an avid player of T1 then and he showed it to me and I was hooked. I played T1 for HOURS on end. To the point of frustration for my older brother who I was living with at the time. We shared a single computer then.

Then Tribes 2 is announced and I nearly shit a brick in anticipation. I had it the day it was released. My obsession with Tribes 1 paled in comparison to my love of Tribes 2 then. I was young, about 18, at the time. Now, I'm 30 and I have not played T2 in many years. I tried installing it once on my old computer about a year or 2 ago but had trouble and gave up before I really got to play. I have now reinstalled T2 via on my new computer and I am loving it again.

Although my skill level has severely diminished in the years during my absence, I still play.. Death after death, loss after loss. I don't care. I love this game. I have been playing this time for about a week or so and I am showing improvement.

The reason for my post is not to outline my Tribes lineage but to ask a simple question: Where are all the players?

Tribes 2 is STILL an awesome game. One, that in terms of playability and flexibility, out performs even the latest games on the market. In the week I have been playing I have noticed a little trend or pattern with regard to the activity in the game.

Snap Crackle Pub seems to be the most popular public server right now. Most of the time when people are playing they are playing on SCP. There are other servers but SCP seems to take most of the attention outside of tny servers. I remember playing T2 and getting furious because my favorite servers were FULL. I would sit there sometimes just constantly refreshing the server waiting for someone to drop out and then I would frantically click the Join Game button trying to take their spot in the game.

I remember when the server list was a list you could SCROLL and you almost HAD to use filters to find the server you wanted if it wasn't favorited.

I think T2 can become great again.

I haven't seen anything in the way of a social presence for T2. Meaning I haven't seen any real facebook or twitter presence. I know that this is a freeware game now and like Legions and Urban Terror it might be just one of those games you find only when you're looking for it. I would like to see Tribes 2 be different. I would like Tribes 2 to stand out.

Is there a group handling this aspect of internet presence for Tribes 2? If not, I would love to help in that regard. The more people that see the name Tribes 2 the more people will want to try it and the more that try it the more long-term players we will have. This will lead to more servers, too.

I think if we can do this right it would have a snowball effect. Tribes 2 may never top any Top 10 games list but it sure as hell can be super popular again.

Just thought I would share a thought I was having. What do you all think?

EDIT: I forgot to cross a "t" and dot an "i"... doh!


  • Jase, my bro dark eagle and I are working on a project just for this reason. I'll discuss it with my bro, and you should keep in contact. We'll be making a public announcement, hopefully within a couple months.
  • Awesome. Whatever gets people to play Tribes 2, I'm in.
  • Yup! [email protected] You should have gotten the email with LAK and Classic 1.5.2. If you didn't, let me know here.
  • Yeah, I got it. Thanks for that.

    There isn't much to the Lak mod, is there... I was expecting a much grander pack of
  • Noooo LOL. It's not much. Most of it is strings to display to the client haha
  • I too played a lot in the past and would love to have the game come back. I think in order to bring it back, you need to run an advertising campaign. Money!
  • Yeah, this didn't end up happening, as much as I wish it did, because he left for college and life got very busy for us both.
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