Can't connect to Snap Crackle Pub

A few months ago I suddenly became unable to connect to the server from one ip. On another I can connect fine. It's not a user name issue though. I can't ping/tracert from the one ip that I can't connect with. The tracert fails on the last hop to the server(dest: can ping/tracert other branzone servers fine) I tried opening a ticket with branzone with full details and ip's, they just closed the ticket about a week later with no response.

If a admin from SCP will reply I can provide my ip through PM.

Thank you.


  • The only Admins for SCP are Heat and Brandon. I don't think they monitor this site. I'm not sure how to help you, maybe Thyth can help?
  • Had a feeling that would be the case. Tried the irc channel recommended on, nothing but children there being dumb. Asked in chat last time I played on the working ip and no one knew who to contact.

    Ekk, branzone went to some crappy MS looking template for their site. Guess I could try submitting a help ticket again, maybe they won't ignore it this time and just switch it to resolved. Nice how they just ignore something with full details. Looks like they like digging their own grave. Funny too, been seeing plenty of companies like that lately, amazingly they survive/even prosper some how.

    I'll hold of on the ticket a few days and see if anyone can help.

  • Someone help this guy? o_0
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    Been trying to post for two days, kept getting an error. Had to turn off in private browsing to fix it.

    Bran thinks you may have been ip range banned due to a hacker trying to dos the server. He modified it and you should try again. Let me know if it doesn't work.

    Also, rJay needs to quit being an ass talking about people behind their backs like a little girl. I read here some and gamerhouse.

    You can also private message me in irc on the server you mentioned. I idle in #lastgasp channel.
  • Ongoing update, there is another admin now, mistcane/sashimi, sounds like you met in irc...

    let me know if it not resolved, yet... as they/heat blamed brandon on my being banned before and brandon claimed had no knowledge of it.


  • just wondering how many others were, so called accidents...thus explaining where everyone is at, and not at...

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