Shifter Sunday!

If you ever played any Shifter league games you know about Shifter sunday! If you are curious about Shifter or just want to hang out some some good people and play a good game come over to =[B|C]= The ALAMO 6pm EST on Sunday.

The shifter client pack isn't required as we will be running the server-side version but I would recommend it. 8)

The game will be CTF on random maps 32 player max, the server can easily handle it :)


Links :
Shifter Client Pack (place into tribes2\gameplay\base folder)


  • How bout some info on your Shifter Sunday games? Perhaps a link to download the client pack as well?
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    For sure, here it is : Shifter Client Pack

    Just save it to your base folder and setup the controls in-game!

    It'll be CTF on random maps. I keep forgetting that few people here have ever played the mod ???.
    Shifter had a very dedicated following that I hope to revive.

    Edited first post with more info.
  • What are the rules? What sets shifter apart from other mods? What type of player became the dedicated follower you speak of? and why?
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    Shifter requires a great deal more teamwork than most mods because of the amount of unique and effective deployables deployed by the defense. A team cannot hope to win unless it works together.

    Many of Shifter's most powerful combos requires several people. For example, a client-side vehicle, the Griffon, is a bomber/hpc with two gunner positions, two bomber positions and a tailgunner. When fully loaded nothing can bring this ship down, except maybe an engineer power charging a juggernaut with a godhammer; or another Griffon ;)

    One of the things that enthralled me with Shifter is the huge amount of options in game, whether it be vehicles, armors, weapons, deployables, or what have you, everything is balanced. Sure you have juggernauts which have always-on shields, but you also have EMP grenades which completely cripple those shields. Sure, scouts can have almost unlimited energy and can fly for god knows how long, but whip out a cyclone launcher and fire 6 missiles at once and he can wish he has enough flares. Pesky Ogre Tank or HERC at your doorstep? Fire a nuke. People firing nukes at your once well defended base? Deploy a thumper to shoot those super weapons down. Fully armed Dreadnaut player killing you as you spawn? Spawn as a scout and disarm him by touching him.

    There are also of course many staples of the teamplay based mod. Emplacements, airbases, deployable vpads, telepads, repair beacons, shield beacons, sensor jamming beacons. There are also a few things specific to Shifter, vtelepads, deployable generators, armor specific specials, beacon abilities and touch powers; a simple example of which is the Assassin. The assassin poisons anyone he touches, using a beacon fires a short-range shocklance shot straight ahead, and his innate special is sensor immunity; all enemies see no IFF and no health indicator.

    These are just some of the things about shifter that I love there are an Immense amount of options and yet, all have counters are are balanced.

    The people who I knew to be the best players of Shifter were exceptionally clever, Dysan, MGM, Tenchi, Stigmartyr, Dark-Soldier, Sutex and they all used all the elements of the mod together making a very effective team.

    The dedicated few there was meeting for Shifter Sunday in its prime were all team-players, and I'm hoping there are a few left around here :)
  • Wow, that sounds like a great mod! I'll have to check it out sometime, my old buddy Ragnarok_44 from when tribes2 was still young (some of you may remember him) would love this mod! Thanks for the info dred, you'll see me in your server, is there a comprehensive guide for those of us who are newbs to Shifter?
  • Definitely, anyone who wants to read up on all the awesome can visit Shifter Guide

    Every single tidbit of info is there, I had a hand in making it back in the day ;)
  • Awesome! A vet modder! Perhaps you could share some of your modding wisdom in the mods section of the forum, helping newb modders get started with some basics!
  • Ha I wish. I helped with the balancing and testing aspects and the actual typing of the guide. None of the coding unfortunately :(
  • Heh, Shifter. Reminds me of back in Tribes 1 when there was a kind of merger.
  • Heh, Shifter. Reminds me of back in Tribes 1 when there was a kind of merger.

    A merger of? :)
  • Renegades and Shifter had some similar stuff. Rumor was they were merging or something. I can't really remember...
  • Over the years Ive heard alot of talk about new versions of Tribes being made with Shifter/Renegades in mind but none surfaced.

    SHIFTERmod for Tribes 2 remains one of the most solid, stable and challenging mods for Tribes 2. Indeed, at least for our clan SHIFTERmod was the only way to play Tribes 2.

    I'll be back in the Alamo, ready and willing to teach new users the basics about using all your weapon options, new weapons and armor-based special abilities.

    If you like, I offer a short intro movie of SHIFTERmod (T2) :
  • I'm having a LAN party at my place around the same time this is going on, so it should be pretty sweet.
  • I wish I had a LAN party :'(
  • I wish I had a LAN party :'(

    Well join up and together we'll all make it a WAN party!
  • Shifter sunday is now going to be on the client-side server! That means that everyone who wants to play will need to download the shifter client pack available at or on the first post of this thread.
  • Client consists of a single file that is copied/extracted to your base folder. That's it.
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    Today pretty much bombed because of the super bowl but next Sunday let's have even more than last week!

    I'm hoping for around 20 so that we can have one of the biggest Shifter games in 3 years!
  • Just a reminder, Shifter Sunday at 6pm EST! BE THERE!
  • i used to play shifter from time to time, but I never really took the time to learn how to play it. I only ever just ran around and nuked shit.
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