need help me retarded...

:-\ help[
cant seem to get tribesnext to run on this Dell xp im getting EU's at c0000005... 0000000 .... ? does this mean its from my end or are yall not playing . well anyway if someone could give me help .. i have my Tribes 2 CD w/key should i use it or is that going to leave me w/add a bunch of patches cuz thats were i think i start getting confuseed im kinda a retard w/ computers stuff just maybe a little info and a link to a true downloadable file that works so i could at least know its on my end. and not just something im doing wrong .... Tribes 2 for life ... even if i cant play.... Ctul-k... eeeeeeuuuuuuhhhhhh huh?


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    It's not an issue with the game itself, and your current installation should be fine (assuming you used the full installer from the front page). Without getting too technical, this particular exception happens when the game window is unable to create a 3D rendering context. In most cases this is because you're using video drivers provided by Windows Update, which have a tendency to leave out tasty OpenGL bits.

    In order to fix it, you should find the make of your video card and download new drivers directly from the vendor's website. If you're unsure of what to download, you can post more information about your computer and operating system to help us help you help us help you.

    There is also a FAQ thread on unhandled exceptions if you feel the need to peruse it.
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