C&C Mod

Hello Tribes 2 Community,

It's been a nice long run I've had with you guys, some great, and some not so great but I've finally come around. Seeing as I've mostly moved on from Tribes and into working directly with it's engine (Torque 3D), I've decided to go ahead and release all of my remaining mods I have in full source code format.

Some of these mods are incomplete, others are done and have been played by many of you guys.

The first of which is the C&C Mod for Tribes 2 that Alviss, DarknessOfLight, and myself worked on for 1 - 3 years. You are welcome to download and use the code from my mod here:

I wouldn't consider this a "goodbye", more so just a gift of one of my more popular mods to help bring some old and new players to Tribes. I'll be doing the same with my other mods in the near future.

FYI: That mod's internal coding has some "bad" spots in terms of how the code appears. It works fine, but it really needs to have a real go-through and clean-up in terms of the look of the code.
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