Fix to get Tribes2 to remember your password when running as a non-Admin

Thought i'd post this convenient fix in case it's never been discussed before.

Anyways, if you run Tribes 2 under Vista/Win7/Win8, you may have to deal with UAC. That means choosing to run the game with admin credentials or not. Generally, it's best not to run stuff as an admin if you can avoid it, and in Tribes2's case, you certainly can do just that (in fact, I've had strange issues when I DID run it as admin). However, one thing that always bugged about doing so was the game never remembered my user login password! It would remember the last username I picked, but not password.

So to fix that, here's what you need to do:
  • Create an autoexec.cs file in your Tribes' gamedata\base folder
  • Add the line $pref::rememberPassword=1; to it
  • Run Tribes2.exe one time as an administrator to have it initially store your password in the Windows Registry (Right-click whatever shortcut you use to start the game and select Run-As Administrator)

That's it! You should now be able to run the game normally as a regular user and your password should be saved.

A little more info: so when you login, the game tries to write your password to the Windows registry. Is this particular of Tribes Next? I dunno, I could swear old T2 login was similiar. Well if the game succeeds in writing it, great, it will forever be in there, until you either delete the key or you store a new password. But if it fails, it throws an error in the console AND it also sets the $pref::rememberPassword variable to 0. That's the real culprit here, that dang pref! Even if you check the Remember Password check-box on the login screen, it will still set that pref to 0 if the game can't write to the registry. But as long as the game can read that value from the registry, it can still work perfectly in "remembering" your password. It just needs to be told, prior to launching and getting to the login screen that a password is in the registry and to use that. That's what $pref::rememberPassword does when set to true in the autoexec.cs file.


  • Thank you! My Tribes 2 has never remembered it since I went from XP to Windows 8.

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