Come join us on the Team Aerial Combat (TAC2) server - every Friday @ 10pm EST

While T2 has slowly dwindled down to near nothingness, the TAC2 mod has managed to hang on. Every week for the past 7 years, we've been getting pretty consistent turnout (6-8 players), but are always looking for more players. I fear that eventually our core player-base will leave one-by-one, so i'm making a shout-out to all remaining T2 players to give our mod a try (thanks to those who have, even if they didn't like it :)

We play every Friday starting around 9-10pm EST, but the server's up 24/7 if you want to check it out. It basically plays like base T2 with the caveat that you can't touch the terrain! (it kills you). It has all the packs and weapons as base but with a few slight modifications here and there to better suit aerial vehicular combat (and to some extent, non-vehicle player vs player fights). The mod highly emphasizes teamwork, and requires a little bit more patience than compared to the more fast-paced classic server.

Anyways, we have several videos of the mod, here's one of them:

If this looks like something you'd enjoy, I encourage you to download and run our easy-to-use TAC Installer and join us this Friday :)


  • Sounds awesome! Will do!
  • Some footage from the latest Fight Night!

    I echo what Farfle says. It'd be great to see more ships in the field, especially in TDM!

    As a note, Mumble server information can be found on the mod's forums.
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