Tribes 2 Datablock Limit Patch

Here is a patch which should allow four times the current datablock limit. Just extract it to a new folder. Paste the contents of the new folder to the GameData folder, and run patch.bat It should create a new file called: Tribes2DBpatch.exe. that is the patched Tribes2 executable. Make sure it works before replacing your current executable. So far I have been able to go over the 2048 datablock limit without crashing. I haven't tested this very much, so if there are any crashes when using it, please tell me what the error message is and how you produced it. This patch is for the Windows port, not the Linux port. I might create a Linux version of this sometime in the future. Use the Tribes2DBpatch.exe for a dedicated server to test it. It might need to be used as a client if the server provides more datablocks than the client can handle. Have fun modding. Thanks for testing this patch.


  • I'm more interested in source code and/or bytes changed than patching my executable. I could probably add it to my IFC22 without modifying any files on disk.
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