TAC1 mod (Tribes 1) Thanksgiving bash PuG - Saturday @ 3pm EST!

Hey all, i'm inviting you to join us for our TAC1 Thanksgiving bash pickup-game (PuG), tomorrow Saturday Nov 29th, at 3pm EST.

TAC stands for Team Aerial Combat, it's a mod for Tribes 1. It's basically base Tribes 1, but you cannot touch the terrain. If you do, you die. Thus, you must use vehicles to get anywhere, and the only vehicles available are 3 and 5-man variants, thus teamwork is a requirement. Here's a video of the gameplay:


Even if you've never played Tribes before, and are daunted by its z-axis jetpack dynamic, don't be! In the TAC mod, you can still be entirely useful and contribute to your team by just simply sitting in a vehicle, repairing it when it gets damaged, and shoot the enemy when you see 'em!

Anyway's, the game is entirely free to play and it's really simple to get up and running. Just visit the link below to download, then simply unzip and launch the game. No fussing around with installation or anything.

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