Will this game run?

im new to this game looking for a low spec game for my pc
Can i run this game? ::)

my specs are this:

AMD Dual-Core Processor E-300 1.30GHz
ATI Radeon HD 6320
Im plaing on a laptop from 2009

this is my laptop:

Thank you!


  • The hardware specs of your lappie are far higher than what the game calls for. The game was written when a nvidia gf3 and a 1GHz cpu were current, so very low spec systems can usualy play the game just fine.
  • Played on a 2001 PC til three years ago. Lower specs than you just named. No problems. You'll run it fine. Welcome to Tribes 2 mate.
  • As an anecdote, when the game came out the fastest pc at the cafe I worked at was a piii 450, it had a tnt2 vid card and played t2 well enough. Other pcs at the cafe had pii 350s and ati rage128 card, ran t2 ok. If these low spec pcs had a gf3 or ati9700 it would have played perfectly. The deal with t2 is a powerfull vid card is requisite for smooth play, the cpu power needed is slight. The need for a powerfull video card sadly comes from a game where backface and occlusion culling seemed to be an afterthought.
  • That graphics card is perfectly fine. trust me i had a Radeon 2150 i think and it was from like 2003. now i am using AMD Radeon 4260
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