Can somebody make an account for me? $10 via paypal

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When I try to create an account in game it says "Can't connect to account server" or something like that. I've disabled my Avast antivirus and have also added Tribes 2.exe to my list of allowed programs in windows firewall - no luck.

Willing to pay someone $10 via paypal to create an account for me.

Desired name: Validuz

pm me pw and after I verify that it works I will send $10 via paypal


  • Turns out the server really is down. Due to some over-zealous security settings, an LDAP software configuration issue, and an extended power outage, the earliest I'll be able to bring TribesNext account/browser services back online will be on the evening of this Saturday the 20th (when I can get physical access).
  • Sorry to gear that Validuz. Hopefully you don't give up on coming back. See you on the 20th.
  • Nah, I'll never give up on other game did to me what tribes 2 did. Was around during its hayday, 5150 vs vanguard, nutshot, rapture, ia, sf, 311, eM etc...loved everything the community, the ladders. Wish a game developing company can remaster it and launch it all over again. That would be the day...
  • The TribesNext account and browser backend systems are now back online.
  • Alright, give it a shot. If you still can't, the offer still stands.
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