$10 via paypal if someone can make an account for me

When I try to create an account in game it says "Can't connect to account server" or something like that. I've disabled my Avast antivirus and have also added Tribes 2.exe to my list of allowed programs in windows firewall - no luck.

Willing to pay someone $10 via paypal to create an account for me.

Desired name: Validuz

pm me pw and after I verify that it works I will send $10 via paypal


  • I'll do it for free when I get home.
  • Thanks man. Blackhart messaged me saying he'd do it when he got his rig back so I guess whoever does it first is fine.

    Old school player - eM, slapahoe, 311 and many more. Just trying to play again. Where can I get a fov script?
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    You've installed the TribesNext patch.... right?

    Well, its down. States that the server is OFFLINE. We need to check with that server host. Anyone know who they are?
  • Yes Ive installed the patch, map pack and tournament mod.
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