Goon Haven fucks up the European game community!

First, I'd like to state that this claim is not personal at all. I've got an SA subscription myself, am member of SA Spinfusor Nostalgism and positive about server moderation. In fact, it might be the moderation and general good atmosphere on the server in the first place which lead to the wide attention.
However, this is where the problem lies: With their capacity of up to 68 players slots Goon Haven dries up other servers. The server's almost always at capacity, further players are shut out and don't really feel like joining a server and waiting till more people show up.
On the other hand, server performance sucks, especially the lag for European players. This impression of mine and other players got confirmed when I played a few rounds of Rabbit on the UK Tribesnext server and managed to pull off midairs and backlances on every second attempt. It's rather frustrating for a skilled player to renounce on all these tricks when ripping off enemies because of lag. After all, training and boasting about those skills are fundamental to the game (and one reason why T:V failed).
So, in the end, I've stopped playing Tribes 2 again - because Goon Haven claims the whole skilled player base and the European servers stay empty.
Of course, this also implies criticism to the few European servers who run on Base or even T2 (C'mon, seriously?). But I reckon that it was the early introduction of Goon Haven, that made the server to the angle point of the community.
As I don't have the means to maintain a decent server of my own (Yeah, cut it out right there!) and SA already suggested that they will send me to the leppers' colony again, should I dare to call for a European server or reduction of players slots, I don't see many options. Maybe, there's still the chance to get enough veteran players back into the game so the community spills over to other servers. However, as at the same time others stop playing again, further recruitment might just compensate things.


  • Sooner or later people who aren't blind will notice how shoddy servers run with more than about 32 players. Na, never happen.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    This is borderline rant.

    If you want people to play on a particular server, join it during peak hours. Others will join... and pretty soon, if the server is good, it will fill up.

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