unhandled exception c0000005 at 00000000

Running windows 10 on a core duo system with an intel gma 950 integrated card and get unhandled exception c0000005 at 00000000.

So uh... What do?


  • This is most likely a display initialization issue, which is most often caused by a problem with the drivers or configuration. You should go through the notes we have here to attempt to resolve it: http://www.tribesnext.com/forum/index.php?topic=1337.0

    Drivers bundled with Windows update have in the past neglected to include full support for OpenGL applications, so you might want to update your drivers at intel's download center or from your laptop manufacturer's website (which may not be the most recent, but may be an improvement over that windows update gives you).

    Of particular note beyond the driver update recommendations, if the display device is not capable of switching to a small 4:3 resolution, you'll need to make sure that you run the game in a window or explicitly specify the desktop resolution in the preferences. The video codec used for the intro video is quite old, so adding the skipintro setting may help in some cases if it isn't capable of decoding it -- which I have seen cause crashes in the past.
  • Well I'll be. It took a bit o doing because intel keeps pushing to download their driver utility, which doesn't see what I have, but I got the 09 windows 7 drivers, which seems to be working fine.
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