Looking for help....

First of all - Merry Christmas newbloods. . . ;D

and now onto the question...

I am looking for anyone and everyone that will either link me to or post screenshots of tribes 2. Weapons, idle/ in action, the various bases, scenic shots, etc. After digging through my disks I got Starsiege:Tribes to work great but my computer refuses to install T2 on anything but my C:/ and thus I can not access it and create references. After loosing my partner in crime, and finding way to much of a flood of Tribes Ascend pictures online, I am attempting to make better use of my limited time and I'm hoping one of the communities can at least point me in a direction other than http://legacy.the-junkyard.net/ Why? What do I plan to do? See for yourself :D


I love Tribes; I grew up on it playing some of Earthsiege and T1 in '98 then T2, etc. I also love Space Engineers and one day randomly thought "why not mix the two?" In short, I have been changing code for Space Engineers to make a sandbox tribes-like game, based more so around T1 & T2 than Ascend. The first phase (where your help providing material would be amazing and greatly appreciated) is remaking game assets like weapons guns etc. The Second phase is to acquire a total conversion allowance so that I can change all of the games code and easily have it available for everyone. All gametypes are planned and will be initiated via the factions declaring war on each other through the use of building flag bases, C&H bases, etc.

Mods made the games absolutely amazing. Tribes Ascend is ok in my opinion but just didn't have the freedom of the original games to take it to the next level. I'm hoping that I can provide an amazing experience beyond the arena - that is living in the Tribes Universe.
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