ShockLanceProjectile question

So, I was trying to make a lightning spell and was using the Shock Lance effect as a starting point. And I came across a strange effect that I can't make sense out of. I feel this is related to weapon images.

So, if I try to cast the spell, I can see the flash of the projectile hitting but I don't see any emitter effects from the projectile.

Test test the effects out, I imported the shocklance into the the RPG mod, and then changed parameters so that it uses the same projectile and effects as the spell. The shocklance works just fine and the projectile emitter effects are displayed.

Then, I tried casting the spell again, while holding the shocklance. And the spell effects suddenly started working no problem (the weird part being that the spell in no way references the shocklance image). But ONLY if I'm holding the shocklance. If I change to another weapon (say, a sword) the spell effects don't work.

So is there some underlying interaction between the shocklance projectile and weapon images going on in the engine to make make effects appear?


  • The engine has all sorts of quirky behavior, there might be something special about the rigging regarding the shocklance (and by extension, likely the ELF) image. However, I don't really have any experience with those types of projectiles specifically.

    I can however cite a specific case of peculiar engine behavior: Weapon images mounted directly to a flying vehicle which are set to fire either lasers or targeting lasers will hit in the wrong locations (visually) while it works fine if the images are mounted to a turret... that is mounted on a flying vehicle. The engine does all sorts of weird bits, so I'm not of particular help here.
  • At issue may be a little something called muzzle transform.
  • Turns out I was dead wrong. Did some more experimenting just now. The projectile was spawning, but it was inside the player, causing it to collide with the player. :-[

    I'm guessing that's what you mean by muzzle transform, Blakhart?
  • I'm under the impression he tried it with other T2 weapons, unless he didn't. The muzzle transform is set correctly on those. And the muzzle transform refers to the point in space at which the game considers the weapon muzzle to exist at. This is used as a point of origin for projectiles.
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