Renegades LAN server

Good evening, I just downloaded T2 as well as the Maiwand's Original Renegades Mod Server and Clients All Files zip package.

I installed Tribes and the Tribes Next patch and that seems to be working fine, then I installed the Renegades 2.0 server using the windows installer.

However I am launching with the following and it does not seem to be loading Renegades, but rather base T2

C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\Tribes2.exe -nologin -mod renegades

Am I missing something? Its been a very long time since I've played, but I would love to get a LAN game of renegades going.


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    Hmmm I'm not sure why it's not working.
    Try using the Dedicated parameter

    ..Tribes2\GameData\ispawn.exe 28000 tribes2 -dedicated -mod Renegades

    But I would love to play on your server if you want to open it up across the Net!
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