Gamma issue

I am unable to adjust my gamma inside Tribes 2. It changes back to a too-dark default. What is preventing me from changing it?


  • dso files
    delete them
  • Along with nuking DSO files (run "del *.dso" from your GameData folder), it's also worth while to check for a prefs/ folder under your GameData/base folder. You'll probably want to delete that folder as well to be sure.

    Also to be sure, is it resetting across T2 instances or is it not taking at all?
  • So I found the solution.

    I have a script that auto deletes DSO's so unfortunately that wasn't the problem.

    The problem was f.lux. I wanted to share this with anyone who just so happens to come across the same issue.
  • Also, if you've set your clientprefs.cs to "read only" you can make changes all you want but next boot of the game they're back to what they were prior to setting the file to read only.
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