Lost forever? (hopefully not!)

I remember the large amount of maps used in construction servers a long time ago. Also the small maps used for zombies mode. For some reason I remember these better than the default T2 maps. Long and flat stretches of land, giant canyons, underground areas, jails... they were so cool. But sadly I don't see them anymore, and I really hope some of these maps aren't lost forever. Is there a a place I can get a lot of the maps used in construct and zombie modes for T2? Besides the basics like flatdash. Maybe a large pack? Thanks


  • http://dl.rawr32.net/maps/ is a good place for quite a few neat maps in general. They're not all strictly construction, but many are still cool maps. I like RealCity2002 which is really a CTF map but you can load it under pretty much any Construction mod all the same.
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