Silent Eagle is harassment He must get banned please read the topic and vote

hello every one , i know that no one reported silent eagle but i am the first guy who reports about him , silent eagle is too harassment , he thinks that he is better than any player , he is too cocky , even he calls us pussies and suckers , even he switch teams to hunt me he thinks that i don't have skills , who loves this guy ???!!!! he is really too harassment as i can see no buddy is like him , even get got banned in Tribes 2 from lak ,even he is saying bad words . i told him many time please respect the people and then he told me do i need to read your shit words ? so..... we don't have a choice

my request is please [BAN] Silent Eagle from Tribes 2 , ban his account , ban his PC from the game , ban him from the servers any admin should ban him , he must get Permanently prevent from Tribes 2

and can you all please give me your votes ? any buddy hates him write 1 and any buddy loves him write 2

and please watch my video my video will show you that he is harassment


  • The TribesNext forums are not affiliated with any one server, nor is there any centralized system for banning an account. If you wish to have a user banned from any server, I would suggest contacting the servers administration team.

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