MD3 Lan Mode Server(Play Meltdown3 without an account server)

Hi Everybody,

I just set up the Meltdown3 server again in LAN mode, but I forwarded the port.
This means anybody without an account file can play Meltdown3 while the server is up in offline/LAN mode.
To connect, press insert after going to the empty offline server list and clicking on the empty list. Then type in this ip and port:
You may also need to set your offline mode account name, if you haven't logged in to tribesnext yet.
My IGN is Bahke, but you can't rely on that until TribesNext is fixed, because there might be smurfs on the server.
If you have any problems with the server, post here or send a message on the #solconflict channel on tribalwar IRC.
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