can someone please tell me how to create server ? please


  • You open Tribes 2 Online, click host, select what map you want to start with, how many bots, etc, and click start game.
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    No! that is not what i meant

    i just want to make a server and put it in the list of the servers
  • By default, Tribes 2 uses Port 28000 to host a server, you'll need to manually forward this port (T2 does not support UPnP) over your local IP address.

    Once you have done so, try to launch the dedicated server for the specific mod you want to run, once the server completely initializes, you should see a heartbeat request to the TribesNext Master Server, you need to ensure that it responds with "--Heartbeat Confirmed", once this is the case, the server should appear in the listing in no more than 1-3 minutes depending on the update timing.

    Once you have verified this, you should be able to proceed to host through the game itself through the methods explained by rJay.
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