Notice of server downtime: 2017-01-08 to 2017-02-07

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A power outage knocked out the server running the VM hosting the TribesNext account and tag systems on Sunday.

While power has been restored, there are issues with the hypervisor, preventing me from bringing up VMs. Investigation ongoing.

Expect a few more days of downtime.


  • Thanks for the update, I was getting a tad worried this morning :).
  • Thanks for the update and all the work put into this project for us hc t2 players.
  • this link shows you that the account creation is offline
  • Maybe you should make another shared account like this, it looks like someone already used the first account so maybe there are more people that want to play. You can even name it something like SharedAccount1, SharedAccount2.
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    Ok my friend: ) i will do what you say .... i will make some accounts and name them TRIBESNEXT/ARMY or something like that when the account creation becomes online

    is this good ? : )
  • Well, you don't have to do it, but it would be a nice thing for people who cannot create accounts. Two more accounts like that would be fine. Just be sure to edit your original thread and add them there when you do make them. I am sure people appreciate that you posted those.
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    it is not a problem if someone used the first account because we all can share 1 account at any time or at the same time ..... i will make 4 accounts or 5 or 7 .... i will make names like these TRIBESNEXT/ARMY TRIBESNEXT\ARMY i liked the names .....

    i will see what i can do with the accounts when the account creation becomes online.

    i will edit the thread [if the system became offline and you can't create accounts or retrieve use these] and the thread [i can't log in with my account in tribes2] when i make accounts.

    and thank you all for appreciating what i do for TRIBESNEXT community.
  • You do plan on getting the account server back up? It's been nearly a month without being able to retrieve my account.

    It appears that due to another player trolling while using the public XZXZ account, the admins of the Snap Crackle Pub have banned everyone using the XZXZ account. Which now leaves many people unable to play at all.
  • I am very sorry TRIBESNEXT community I didn't expect that someone will troll with XZXZ account please accept my apology
  • What do you want from me? Give me an order about the accounts and I will do it

    Yes, alternative accounts would be great, if you can. A troll ruined the XZXZ account and it's been banned at Snap Crackle Pub.
  • I accept your request and i really want it and I will do it .... soon I will make 20 accounts or more than that.
  • I would discourage the creation and sharing of account credentials in that way, exactly because they get inevitably abused and banned (and then are not useful to anyone). Likewise, I discourage self-replies on the forum, and have pruned some. If you have additional information to add to a post, use the edit button.

    No current ETA on bringing the systems back online at this time.

    The server was using the Xen hypervisor to run a handful of virtual machines, but the current version of Xen on this particular hardware (pre-production Intel Xeons from a couple generations ago) is crashing on boot. I haven't been able to resolve these issues in the last few weeks, and rolling back to the previous working version isn't an option.

    I'm part of the way through migrating the host from Xen to KVM, which is the Linux native hypervisor project. From the project/ecosystem standpoint, KVM looks healthier (thus less likely to have show-stopper issues crop up like this), and I'm hopeful that this transition will be beneficial for long term stability.

    But again, no ETA for system bring up at this time.
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    I am very Sorry because i annoyed you Mr Thyth. please accept my apology.
    I want to serve TRIBESNEXT community by my accounts.
    What do you suggest on me?
    Don't you want me to create 20 accounts?
    I see that making 20 accounts or more than that would be great idea for TRIBESNEXT community every one will accept this idea and I am very sure.
    Does the admin write the player,s name and then he bans him? or does he click on the player,s name and then he bans him? I am thinking about making hard/weird names.
    If i don't make accounts no buddy will be able to play on Snap crackle pub server and that is not good news for TRIBESNEXT community.
    Snap crackle pub server is known server and popular.
    Making 20 accounts or more than that is the only choice we have.
  • ||TRIBES||NEXT||, maybe you can make individual accounts with password and email them to each person who request. That way the accounts can't be abused by just anyone. I'm sure it's a lot of work but maybe in a short time Thyth will have the server up again. I know I would appreciate it. Thanks
  • I was thinking about that but .... maybe I won't be free for TRIBESNEXT community.... I need someone free for TRIBESNEXT community.
    I have an idea I will make a spreadsheet , when i make accounts I will write the usernames and the passwords in the spreadsheet.
    I will share the spreadsheet with 3 trusted persons. they will send 1 account to each person who request , if someone his account got banned he will contact us and we will give him another account.

    Is this good idea for you?
  • ||TRIBES||NEXT||, I think that sounds unnecessarily complicated. Simply emailing the new user name/password should be enough. 99% of the players are respectable and don't troll. From what I've read the person who created all this trouble is sorry for what they have done.
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    Sorry I can't open your link I am banned from T2 forums.
    I wish if the admin unbans me to post my accounts in T2 forums too.
    Maybe I won't be free for TRIBESNEXT community .... who will give the people my accounts and there is no buddy will give them my accounts.
    Maybe I will back for TRIBESNEXT community after 2 days or 3 , sometimes I am not free most of the time for TRIBESNEXT community.
    Are you suggesting on me to make 20 accounts and post them directly?
    You think that 99% of the players are respectable and don't troll.
  • Yes 99% are respectable players. You don't have to make so many accounts, 20 account. Just make a few accounts for now, so you don't have to work so much.

    You should be able to read the link I provided. I also can't post at T2 forums because I need approval from the admins and they still haven't approved my account registration.
  • edited February 2017 my friend look at this link I can't read or register or post I can't do any thing.
    Don't worry about me making 20 accounts and uploading them maybe will take 2 hours or 3.
  • Ok i changed my opinion I will make 3 accounts
  • my friend look at this link I can't read or register or post I can't do any thing.
    Don't worry about me making 20 accounts and uploading them maybe will take 2 hours or 3.

    You were a member there and they banned you?
  • Yes
    I wish if someone talks to the admin and tell him to unban me I really want to post my accounts in T2forums too.
  • Once the admins approve my account I will mention this to them. I guess the admins don't frequent the forum too often.
  • Thank you my friend
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    We forgot something , we didn't think about it.
    I can only make 1 account every week.
    Every one can make 1 account every week.
    This video shows you that you can't make more than 1 account in one week.

    That mean making 3 accounts needs 3 weeks.
    Making 20 accounts needs 20 weeks.
    I need your opinion.
    Should I make every week 1 account until I get 20 accounts? Or should i make 1 account every week until I get 3 accounts? Or should i make every week 1 account?
    I think I should make 1 account every week the third choice is my opinion.
    But i still want your opinion.
  • Oh ok, well I would say make the one account now and I will use it and as time goes on, you can make a few others in case others need it. Hopefully in the near future the account server will be back up.
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    I can't make one account now. because the account creation is offline.
  • oh, well this comes full circle then. I cant use my regular account because the account server is down and you can't create a new public account because the account server is down.

    I guess for now the only thing possible is for the admins at Snap Crackle Pub to unban the XZXZ account. Problem is, the last they replied in the thread link I posted above, they claimed that the ban would go away after 24 hour, which never happened. it's in permanent ban. They haven't revisited the thread since and my new account hasn't been given approval to post.
  • Don't worry when the account creation becomes online I will make every week 1 account if I am free.
  • ||TRIBES||NEXT|| good news, they removed the ban on the XZXZ accounts but I still haven't been approved to post. If I'm still not approved, I will ask another player to contact the admin on your behalf to unban you. I will let you know as things update. Once again, thanks for creating this public account. Without, many of us wouldn't be able to play.
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