Even more bots?

Did a little googling and found this thread asking if we can add bots past the slider-max 16. Someone posted addbot(16); (to add 16 more bots) as a solution, but the console in game gives me a syntax error.

This is mostly just me looking for a little more difficulty when offline messing around with bots. I know there's an option when starting a dedicated server, but I'm more looking to modify the number of bots while in game. Is there a way to do this?


  • addbots(16);
    That adds 16 bots. It's plural.

    Be careful, adding more bots and switching sides in a Siege map will cause tribes 2 to crash.
  • I'm pretty sure that adding more bots is going to mess up the AI pathfinding, which is already crappy at best.
  • Ah, plural.

    If anything I would add bots at the start of a map, probably CTF, since the AI tends to be ineffective at Siege maps anyway. Rabbit is interesting with lots of bots though.

  • My humble opinion, if you go beyond your game file limits without using proper scripting you may be in for a total reinstall, I know I tried stuff not knowing any better a poof I was back at total reinstall. Whew finally learned to walk slow and know yur reinstall steps very frontwards and backwards LOL.
    RB< ::)
  • Well it didn't break anything, but trying to play with 32 bots (on a map I figured would be conducive to bot firefights) wasn't quite as enthralling as I thought. Nothing crashed, though it did run out of names for the bots past 25 or so (was running in a narrow skill range), and it seemed like a handful of bots would stop occasionally, likely so the AI could handle bots elsewhere.

    None of the bots got lost or stuck on a wall or anything, but there definitely appeared to be lapses in processing for each one. That and five bots all standing on the flag isn't a very effective defense when there's splash damage involved.
  • Bots will eventually run out of "objectives" to do and will either do nothing or just stack on objectives.
  • I've seen this on a Shifter server on the Dust to Dust map. All of the bots (every single one, sans any I called over for help) would cluster around the flag. It was interesting when I lobbed a mortar round inside.
  • I think 6 or 7 bots per team is optimal. Try that count, and make sure your ai intelligence settings are maxed at 0.99;

    $Host::MaxBotDifficulty = 0.99;


    $Host::MinBotDifficulty = 0.99;
  • I think Lag-a-lot posts here, he is pretty much the authority on T2 bots, so when he sees this you may get some great help.

    In the meantime, there is this:

    That allows 32 bots.
  • Mmm 32 bots 1 mortar.
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