The "win32" error on Windows 7.

Hey there!
I was phyced to fin the there was people still keeping this awesome game alive! Dusted of my old Tribes 2 CD, installed, and got the "win32" error.
Went trough the support page, downloaded to file you suggested (both game and TribesNext file), installed, and got the "win32" error.

Tried finding a solution by snooping the support pages but cant find anything that seems to help.

Im running windows 7 64bit.

I know this is a subject talked about A LOT, but i would really welcome any suggestions!

- Jo


  • This error only occurs when your game executable has for some reason been corrupted; try again with a clean install using the online distributed version and it should be fine. If you had previously installed from an original 2001 release CD and attempted to apply the patch without updating the game to version 25034, it's possible the old version remained on disk in an unusable state -- so just make sure the install directory is empty when performing the new install.
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