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I wrote this up to help people get started playing the game. I'll post it here so maybe some of you can help find new people.


Many of you are familiar with the Tribes series of games; they are 10 years old now, but I’m guessing a lot of you are not. Tribes 1 and Tribes 2 were rendered unplayable when Vivendi took down the master servers for these fantastic and uniquely original games in 2008. The remaining Tribes community has done something about that with a patch, and now Tribes 2 is completely free, completely secure and is enjoying something of a rebirth. I am here to spread the message of Tribes game play.

Hailing from 2001, Tribes 2 was a multiplayer only, team play oriented game, that featured massive outdoor and indoor environments, vehicles, and most importantly, jetpacks and a very important movement feature called skiing that allowed the best players to move quickly and effortlessly over large distances. For years now, the game was only played and remembered by the ever dwindling hardcore tribers. The game features many mods, but the most popular is classic, which effectively combines all that is good from Tribes 1 and Tribes 2.

With the release of Tribes Next, within 20 minutes a person can download the game from a torrent, create an account, and be playing in one of the servers. It is now FREE, secure, and renewed. All it needs is more players. If you’ve played in the past, try it again. If you’ve never played, maybe you will discover the magic that I did. The game is unlike any other game you’ve ever played, and has captured my attention for 10 years.

Everything you need to get started playing Tribes Next: http://www.tribesnext.com/

No registering, just download it! http://www.tribesnext.com/downloads/tribes2gsi

After downloading the game itself and applying the Tribes Next patch from the above site, you should download some of the more popular map packs so you can play on any server. http://www.chaingunned.org/downloads/tribes2/maps/TWL-MapPack.vl2 and http://www.chaingunned.org/downloads/tribes2/maps/TWL2-MapPack.vl2

Tribes 2 is a game that allows scripting, and there are plenty of scripts to effect anything from your GUI to some more complex things like automation. Scripting adds a little more complexity than I want to go into in this post, but you all should know it’s out there.

Tribes/2/next is about freedom of game play and if you like what you find after testing it out, join our community on irc.tribalwar.com, our channel is #lastgasp. My name is Fling. Lastly, do not be discouraged by other players, some have been at this for nearly 10 years and they are quite good. Some will have bad attitudes. Look beyond that, and enjoy the new experience of Tribes.

Competitive Tribes 2 CTF at it’s very best. This is one way to play the game.

Community links: http://www.teamwarfare.com and http://www.tribalwar.com
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