Installation Screenshot Walkthrough

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Here's a screen shot tour of the installation of Tribes 2, and our patch.

Firstly, go to our download page. Download the full unpatched version of the game (tribes2_gsi.exe), and the TribesNext patch (TribesNext_rc1.exe).

Firstly, double click on the tribes2_gsi.exe installer and install Tribes 2. You will probably want to skip the offers from Vivendi, the offers to register the game, the DirectX 8 installation. Make sure you don't run the game after the installer. These steps are shown from screen shots 1 to 12.

After Tribes 2 is installed, double click on the TribesNext patch installer. Read through the license agreement, accept it, make sure the patch installer has found the Tribes 2 installation, then apply the patch. These steps are shown from screenshots 13 to 15.

You're done now. You can now launch the game from the standard shortcuts provided by the original game installer, create an account, and start playing!
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