Midair - Are we all on board?

I put this highlights video together of a recent tournament final (game still in closed beta), and I hope that if you weren't interested before that this video might help pique your interest :)

Please feel free to leave me any feedback - I'm pretty new to After Effects and Premiere so there's certainly lots I could've done better.. but I learned a lot and will hopefully only serve to make the next one even better.


  • As far as I know I have the game downloaded as do many other oldschool players but the player basis scares me. Never gonna catch wind I feel like.
  • Hell yeah, this is the good shit. Just let the noobies learn and we'll get some good CTF action in few months.
  • pass along any beta info so we can play too. let me this a new home for

    It's already been released, pretty dead though.
  • Yeah unfortunately it never took off - PUGs still happen (there were a few this week) but that's about it.
    We got a few good tournaments out of it, but no clan scene developed.
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