unhandled exception crash

I often get an unhandled exception error, but in the middle of games. I play primarily on the Triumph server.
Any thoughts on this guys?
It is really bothersome to drop and then have Windows close the program because of the crash.
Data below.





  • Do you have a dso cleaner? If not, get one, you can find the links in the faq section, they will help reduce ues. If you have one, perhaps in game issues are causing the ue, such as tanks and etc.
  • I do, yes. Still happens. I have reinstalled several times. I also get bad lag at times as well. Maybe it is all network related?
  • Post your clientprefs and we will see if anything is dodgy.
  • Have you tried seeing if it is a compatibility error with some of the vl2's you might have in base? (It would be nice if you gave a list, something may not be working properly like the DSO removed script)

    Is Vertex lighting on?
    What was happening at the time of the crash? (Explosions, flying, skiing, in a building, etc.)
    How often does it occur? (Is it at a noticeable time increment, could you possibly get a recording of what is going on with a elapsed time from login)
    What does your computer resources look like at the time of crash? (Screen shot from task manager of the graph percentage for usage at that time)

    There are many factors that could cause a UE to occur, just need to narrow it down to something a bit more specific. Normally it is something graphical or sent to your client from server and doesn't know how to handle it in certain circumstances.

    Any information of what is going on in game is better than just a stack trace (just pointers to different ram locations by the looks in this case.)
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