Classic Bots v1.3.69

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Classic Bots
Latest version: 1.3.699 - 10 February, 2023

This bot pack was mainly designed for playing CTF and Siege with bots on Classic 1.5.2. Most of the effort was put towards CTF, however, this mod includes LAK Bots and supports many other default gametypes. These bots were built upon Lagg's V5 bots, so a lot of credits go to him for starting it all. Changes after 2009 are made by me, Roboto. This bot mod includes an awesome, but completely optional feature to enable RPG elements.

The file is attached to this post and always updated when a new version appears. You can download it from one of the links below. I have also included Lagg's original v5 scripts from which this mod started as well as two of his unmodified siege maps, in case you do not want to use my modifications or you're simply curious about the old code. Though I must warn you, they will have bugs and you must fix them yourself.

Link 1, Link 2

- Updating: The only way to update is to delete your ENTIRE 'ClassicBots' folder and replace it with the newly downloaded one. Sorry, to ensure the best compatibility, you will have to redo your server preferences from scratch. But you should backup (and later copy them back) your old 'rpg_save' folder and 'ClassicBots\prefs\MapRecords.cs' file from the ClassicBots folder if you want to keep the saved player stats and records on the server.
- Prerequisites: Make sure that you have the following map packs installed: DynamixFinalPack, S5maps, S8maps, TWL-MapPack, TWL2-MapPack. These are required. Place the .vl2 files in your 'GameData\Base' folder to install them.
- Hosting an online server: If you wanna host an online server, I STRONGLY recommend reading the file 'Server_And_Bot_Preferences.txt' from the folder 'ClassicBots_Readme'.

Now, moving on to the install instructions:
1. Put everything from the 'Tribes2InstallFolder' to your Tribes 2 install folder and OVERWRITE files when asked. For example, the 'GameData' folder from here should overwrite the 'GameData' folder that you have.
2. PLAY by using the 'ClassicBots_Offline/Online' .bat file! That's it.

If you wanna hear bots use random sounds from the game or text chat randomly, or use sounds from the Osiris voice pack, read the file 'Server_And_Bot_Preferences.txt' from the folder 'ClassicBots_Readme'.

- Bots change numbers depending on the map, this is active by default.
- I recommend always using odd numbers for the bot numbers, like 7, 15, 29, etc. This is not necessary, but it will make the bot balancing feature better.
- Don't play with more than 32 bots on Siege, the game will crash when switching sides.
- Don't install custom mods/scripts that may interfere with this mod or else the mod won't work as intended.
- Open the 'ClassicBots_Readme' folder for a full list of features, credits, tips, and bot settings.

Download links for the required map packs: Unzip then place in GameData\Base.
DynamixFinalPack.vl2. Place in GameData\Base.
PlayT2 Map Packs. Contains all the maps above plus the DMP map pack.

Download links for the voicepacks, place them in GameData\Base:

The Osiris and Muted! voicepacks combined.
Osiris voice pack only.

Changes since 1.3.69
-Modified some objective weights, bots will deploy stuff a bit less and instead move around more
-Some tiny bug fixes


  • I love the work you did here. :o
  • I appreciate that, rJay, thanks! Glad to see that my time (and Lagg's) was not wasted, because people like you and others have fun using this mod.
  • It is something I was going to do myself (and did start on) but life caught up with me and I've not had the time. I was glad to see someone else shared the idea and actually did something about it.
  • If you feel like it, you should bot support your own maps using this mod when I release the final version. If someone would add more maps that I haven't already bot supported then, that would be great. The bot support card guide is great for that as it explains step by step what you need to do, but a bit vaguely to keep things simple.
  • Thanks, but I really don't see how I would have the time to complete those. I barely make TAC every Friday. It's due to my job.
  • Well let me tell you, it would suck out time out of you faster than you'd hit VGS. So it's understandable.
  • Oh I know. Literally have spent actual days worth in that editor.
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    May 18, 2020 - Update v1.3.69

    To update, as always, you have to delete your current ClassicBots folder and replace it with the new one. That does mean that you will have to reconfigure your server preferences, too. Don't forget to keep a copy of your MapRecords.cs file from the "prefs" folder so that you don't lose the map records. Copy it over to the new "prefs" folder after you updated the mod. These are the changes for 1.3.69:
    -Added map stats. Three different stats will be shown at the beginning of a match, depending on the gametype and map. All maps have a 'Most midairs' and 'Killing spree stat', plus another stat related to the current gametype.
    Tweaks & Fixes:
    -The score menu in an online server now properly updates when bots are kicked, and their targets/strings are removed
    -Improved AIM attackLocation objectives for snipers and mortar bots. They should properly move to a hidden location now while recharging their energy, and offensive spamming heavies with repair packs will retreat to repair to a safe location. They will now also use DivertPaths for this objective if available.
  • Greetings! i just want to say thank you for your hard work in making bots that actually feel convincingly real and are a blast to play with! I was getting morbidly curious about the entire Tribes series of games but was kinda double thinking whether i'd be able to play it with a crappy connection and the possibility that i'd never run into other players (though i mean with the whole TribeNEXT community the 2nd of those two issues was solved, the 1st one regarding my not so stellar connection still remained ^_^; ) but because there was bot support and because the enhancements done was so good to the point that i can truly get myself in an actual match (filled with bots), I understand now why people love this game! This truly is a an interesting spin on arena shooters and is just way something else!

    Ok i guess now comes the caveat to my gushing and stuff, i kinda have an issue; like what i kinda said up before with having bad connectivity, i constantly get disconnected from the internet wifi at home (it keeps making me low priority for whatever reason) and so i hoped i'd be able to play a lot of bot-matches to get myself comfy with mechanics at my own pace (and so i don't end up frustrating anyone with my constant failing to grasp or apply some of the more nuanced mechanics of the game) but whenever i get disconnected from the wifi at all, or are forced into a part of the house without it, the game stops and gives me an error window saying "Unhandled Exception c0000005" even when using the offline Classicbots_Offline.bat file. I'm not entirely sure how the game was developed and if it's made in such a way that it needs the internet in order to access some sort of dependencies, or maybe there's a way to just trick the game to being connected at all and maybe i'm just doing something wrong?

    In either case i still want to thank you for the enhanced bots and the ability to have them adapted to more maps and stuff all documented, so that's super cool of you! Maybe someday i'll be able to frag with the rest of the community in a level of competency that isn't as newbie as how i currently am at the game ^_^; for the meantime i'll just be here hoping for there to be a way to either play without a connection/ with a weak connection as a means to train and explore maps and stuff :D

  • Wow, that's great to hear! I'm very happy you gave Tribes 2 a try and ended up enjoying it. This series is great for a reason :)

    It's even better that you went through extra steps to install bot enhancements, cause like you said, it's worth it if you want to play offline, and it's pretty fun.

    As for the error, I also get an Unhandled Exception error if I am not connected to the internet and I'm trying to play. It's related to the TribesNext patch. It requires you to be connected in order to play. So I would suggest installing Tribes 2 in another folder if you want completely offline play, and then DON'T install the TN patch in that folder. It will work just fine and you can play offline without errors. And use the Classicbots_Offline.bat to enter the game from that install location.

    For online play, use the folder with the TN patch. This is how I play as well, 1 installation for when I am completely offline, and 1 installation for when I want to play online. I hope this fixes the problem for you as well.

    And remember, just enjoy the game. You are going to suck at it and it's fine. People have been playing for 2 decades. All that matters is you having fun.

  • Many thanks for the hasty response! I've spent a bit of the afternoon where the net was stable doing a bunch of bot matches and now I'm starting to understand the balance needed to jet jumping and skiing in order to get places quickly (especially with the lighter scout armors, because i had no idea how large these maps can get that it still shocks me just how much play-space there is!) so i'm starting to warm up to that part of the movement mechanics! (next comes a crash course in vehicles hehe)

    Glad to hear that there is a way to circumvent the online-always issue for doing botmatches! I still intend to play online one day so i don't mind having two folders of Tribes2! It's one thing fighting against bots and it's another when actual people start slowly rolling in to the mix lol

    And aye aye, thanks for the encouragements! I was just a little daunted at first because just like in the first bot match, i was afraid i'd be a flat-foot in a match where people are flying around high speed, like an average joe soldier in a clash between two teams of super soldiers XD Despite getting fragged quite a lot and losing a bunch of matches, i still had fun experimenting and finding out how stuff worked! I'm excited to be able to play with you guys when my internet gets way more forgiving than it's been for some time XD

  • NoSounds great, keep playing and learning then! And yeah, the size of the maps, the speed, people flying around, vehicles, deployables, and all of that, is awesome. You're gonna really enjoy spending a lot of time in vehicles, ramming people, gunning, bombing, and supporting gunners/pilots.

  • These bots are fantastic! But I have one issue which for me ruins some of the fun and I hope it can be tweaked in a future update: the deployable cameras normally show what they see on the map (command screen) like a sensor, and they do until you control them and look through them. I assume this has something to do with the modified view and control when controlling the cameras, but after doing it, they may sometimes show a view radius, but no enemies or equipment appear on the map when within that radius ever again.

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    So if I understand correctly, what you're saying is that if you take control of a camera it (sometimes) breaks the command circuit by hiding enemies/equipment on the CC that should actually be shown and are in that camera's radius. Are you running any scripts or mods that could interfere with these bots or a simple vanilla install? In case you are not running a vanilla install, are you sure this issue persists in a clean install? It could just be some custom scripts affecting the CC/camera, but I'll look into it if it's not that.

  • Hey man, love the bots! Quick question though... Is there a way to change the pool that the mod draws from in terms of bot names/profiles? It seems it's drawing from the Discord PUB server and I'd like to make some changes.


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    Hey, thanks! Yes, there is. Go to "GameData\ClassicBots\scripts\ai.cs" and just change the $RandomBotGenName variables. Or you can keep adding more names to the existing ones. Just remember to make the $RandomBotGenNameCount at the end 1 number higher than the index of the last name in the list. You can also change/add random bot chat text just below the names.

  • Just checking, does this still work with the version? I've never played a Tribes or even Tribes-style game and dont want to be a burden on teammates.

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    Yes, version 1.3.69 does work with the playt2 version. And I am working on a newer version of ClassicBots right now.

    In case you find the bots too tough, because you never played a tribes style game before, you can also adjust the bot difficulty from "GameData\ClassicBots\prefs\serverPrefs.cs"

    Specifically the line:

    $Host::BotDifficulty = "Custom";

    The value can be "Easy", "Medium", "Hard", or "Custom". By default it's set to be very hard.

    Also, don't worry about being a burden. Tribes 2 is not that type of competitive game where people get angry about losing. It's a very relaxing game with a lot of action and silly things happening. You just jump in and play!

  • I updated the first post with the latest version. It has a very small update, but rest assured, I am also working on a big one.

    Changelog for v1.3.699, 10 February, 2023:

    -Modified some objective weights, bots will deploy stuff a bit less and instead move around more

    -Some tiny bug fixes

  • it's a great mod but i can't for the life of me get it to run above 60fps on a 165hz monitor, despite the base game working just fine

  • edited December 2023

    Thanks. If the game is specifically locked at 60 fps when running the mod, you may need to disable vertical sync from the in-game options, while you're in ClassicBots. Settings that you applied in one mod do not necessarily apply to another. Though Vsync being enabled shouldn't lock the game to 60 FPS, from what I'm aware. It should lock it to 165hz, your monitor's refresh rate, unless Tribes 2 has some weird quirks. But, if you're talking about just lower performance in general compared to the base game, that's because the mod itself is way more CPU intensive, due to a severe lack of optimization or extra features.

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