Notice of intermittent server downtime: 2018-09-04 to ???

There has been some intermittent downtime of TribesNext account creation and browser services since 2018-08-26. At least one person has poked me about it.

I'm doing some fairly invasive network topology changes over the next week or two and the availability of these services will be limited during this time.


  • As far as I can tell, services have mostly been up and running smoothly for the last couple of weeks. I've tried to keep disruptions to a minimum as I've been making changes on my end.

    However, I have just finished making some substantial changes to my web front-end tier, including activation of "mandatory" TLS on my sites. I've placed an exception to HTTP access to "", as this address is used by the in-game scripts for talking to the browser robot APIs. External users of the JSON API should migrate to using HTTPS.

    I have a few more changes planned, so I can't rule out additional intermittent downtime for the next few weeks, but things should be pretty stable now.
  • Thanks for the help and keeping T2 going for us that are still playing.
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