tribes next patch

Where is this patch located?
I went to the downloads page and the patch page but there is nothng there.

This is the full version Tribes 2 installer, released for free on Fileplanet in 2004.
View the system requirements here.

The file is 539mb, and requires the TribesNext Patch to play online.

Mirrors: Mirror (Brea, California, USA) Mirror (Woodstock, Illinois, USA) Mirror (Dallas, Texas, USA) Mirror (Switzerland)
Drunken Old Farts Mirror (Finland)
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When i click on the hyperlink TRIBESNEXT PATCh it goes to a blank page.

I really want to play, can anyone help me out?


  • When you get onto go to the downloads page, and if you already have Tribes2 just click the multi-player patch title and that will open up the download file, save it (hopefully to someplace you can find) and then run it, it will ask you to accept terms of use and then you need to locate your Tribes2 folder, the default is C:\Dynamix\Gamedata, when you've located it you hit APPLY PATCH and it will patch your game, then you just run you game in online mod(properties, shortcut tab, Target: C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\tribes2.exe -online -mod Classic(or whatever mod you run) -nonpure)
    If my explanation wasn't what you were looking for, you can look here
  • Guys theres something up with the patch i try and start the Game and it doesnt start is the patch bung or does it not run on window vista?

  • did you run the patch?
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    Clear you cache or refresh the downloads page and you'll see the link is there.

    Unfortunately, the server for registration is temporarily offline, so you'll need to wait a bit before you'll be able to create your account.
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