Do people even know about Hunters...

...and how much fun it is?

Just curious because aside from CTF, Hunters (Team version is great also) is an awesome gaming experience for Tribes 2. It is more fast paced than CTF and Siege, but not quite a cluster as Rabbit or machineheads.

The premise is really stright forward. Everytime you kill someone they drop a flag for you to pick up. There are 1 pt flags, 5 pt flags and 10 pt flags (if memory serves). You can collect as many flags as you want, but if YOU get killed, the flags you have collected spill all over your corpse. To gain points from having flags, you must turn them in by flying through the collection point.

Hunters is the ultimate in Risk vs. Reward. The bigger the risk, the sweeter the reward... or the more bitter your loss. ;D

Points grow exponentially the more flags you turn in. Turning 1 flag may grab you 2 points, turning in 2 flags may grab you 5 and turning in 10 may end up netting you 100 points, for example.

I would really like to see someone either put up a Hunters server or just have a "Hunters Hour" on one of the popular servers. People often don't want to play it because they are unfamiliar with it. I admit I wouldn't play it all the time, but it sure is a LOT of fun to break up the monotony of CTF 24/7.

Would anyone else like to see Hunters played again or would like to try it? Post here and maybe we can coordinate something with the community.


  • I've played hunters in the past. It's a good replacement for deathmatch when you're running a small server. Quite a bit of fun.
  • 8) YARDSALE!!!! 8)
  • I like team hunters much more than just hunters. Back in the day I was in a TH tribe and that was a lot of fun except no other tribes really took it as seriously as we did :)

    It'd be nice if servers played H/TH before the server filled up and switch to CTF because Lak is getting old.
  • Lak is only fun with a small number of people, like 5 total unless they are noobs!
  • Hunters is ok... but for me the real game is CTF. Anything else is just practice.
  • I avoid all deathmatch more than I would the plague. Hunters sounds like a fun idea for DM people, but for those of us that prefer CTF and teamwork gametypes, not for us.

    CTF is where it's at, for me.
  • I prefer Team Hunters over Hunters. It's an ok gametype, but, it's very nice if you're looking for something different than the usual stuff they play on the main servers.
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    8) YARDSALE!!!! 8)

    YES! Oldfashioned Hunters should be played with 5-16 people. Team Hunters with
    16 - 38 for best. My arguement is that the Yardsales get so intense that the lag will make HUGE spikes if there's too much carnage. Anybody else agree?
  • Ahhh the memories were refreshed the other day when Hunters was the map of choice on my server, it's fucked though.... displaying 6 people online when there's actually none ::) I have no idea why.

    I'm going to stick the UK! Tribesnext server onto Hunter, we had a few decent games going the other day.
  • Team Hunters, Rimehold

    You spawn outdoors above the ground with inventory towers off to the sides, two entrances to the underground base (Ultima Thule) where the nexus is deep in the main hall. The balance between outdoor and indoor fighting, plus that there's no inventories inside the base makes the map quite enjoyable.

    Had an awesome ~20 player game once, would love to try it with more players.
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