I had Forgotten

Just how much I missed this game.

And I have an old crappy MacBookAir that I was trying to resurrect, and low and behold, it runs beautifully on it.

Even running with Just bots is amazing enough to remind me of the old days.



  • It's a very unique FPS that somehow still has a community two decades later, albeit small. Even lots of people who weren't there to experience Tribes 2 in its launch state (like me) are very fond of it. Enjoy playing KB!
  • Thank you. Yeah. I’m old enough to remember LadyDeath and Gigawa ( when he was alive, gods I miss that guy ), and all the random crap from the Vanguard and 5150 crowd. Those were Rockin times. If I could find it , GunnyHathcock, one of my old players did a video of all the best GWoS matches including the one we did where Skol trapped and walked over Vanguard’s Zod so my capper , Tchotchke could snag. But I fear that video is lost to history somewhere.
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