Shifter Practices

Following the great success that was our Shifter Sunday I am pleased to announce Black-Chapter clan will be coming back to Tribes : Shifter, now, TribesNext : Shifter! Along with which will come an immense support for a new shifter community -

We will now be hosting Shifter Sunday every Sunday at 6:00pm EST as a regular pickup game until we have a significant player base.

We also acknowledge that Shifter has a longer learning curve than many other Tribes 2 mods thereby we are going to be opening our semi-weekly clan practices to the public to assist in helping the community understand the mod better and make some fun competition for Shifter Sundays.

Our practice days are Tuesdays @ 9:00pm EST Thursday 12:30pm EST and are open to the public and are great times to have fun and ask questions. Personally I would recommend picking one or two armors that you like the idea of and learning every aspect of those first.

Our first practice will be tomorrow at 9:00pm EST and everyone is welcome to join us.

See you on the battlefield!


  • Please see the Player Guide for insight into how you can get more BANG for your BUCK:
  • Do I need to download anything before I can play this?
  • Do I need to download anything before I can play this?

    Technically no.  We have both a serverside (no client needed) and a client side (full mod options) server.  The server side version allows you to join a game without the client.  You will be unable to bind keys to set weapon options without the client, however.

    Also, the SHIFTER vehicles are in the client side server only.

    Client is light weight @ about 2.5mb - a ShifterClient.vl2 file is copied to your base folder and does not interfere with other mods or game play (base, classic, etc)

    Client File:

    Once you've done this, you can go to SETTINGS> CONTROLS and look in your keyboard settings for any options that start with [ S ] (i.e. [ S ] Weapon options).

    Then you can take your plasma rifle for example, and select standard, twin fire or quad fire mode..  Command Detonated mortars are nice, and very handy against pesky scouts, too. EMP mortars are my fave.. No shields, oops!
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