Tribes 2 isnt dead but bearly alive

Hi guys, i used to a be T2 player a long time ago a little after when it first came out and then i revisited it in the goon haven era and then just recently tried it out again. Im glad theres at least something still around like a server with all real players to play with. I find it a little disappointing though that prime time for real player competition (no bots) is only from 8pm-11pm PST nowadays and i was hoping that this thread would get more people interested.


  • It's just how it is, there will probably never be a big influx of players coming in. Maybe the only way to get more players in is by posting about Tribes 2 on other gaming communities or youtube channels, and reel in some people who played it before, letting them know it's still alive. Or maybe others who are curious about older or less popular games will take interest in it just for it's uniqueness, like I did when I saw it years ago.

    But both of these ways will bring in a smaller number of people, and let's be honest, most players here probably don't spend any time advertising this game elsewhere. So with that said, and just like you mentioned, it's actually really cool to still have people playing despite everything. Just imagine, with so many games out there and so little free time, it's really a blessing to find someone to play Tribes 1 or 2 with. I empathize with you wanting more players, as every T2 player does, but let's look at the bright side too and appreciate all the remaining players because it's all we have.
  • Every now and then I play during the day time and have seen multiple random players on the bot servers that aren't aware of the prime time hours. They have asked me when people normally play. This is wasted potential for players who could have ended up contributing to the community.

    In order to maximize player retention, the prime time hours should be posted on the home page of TribesNext. T1 does this on their home page right at the download screen, and they have more players than us, yet T2 is the superior and most complete tribes game (it's true). This simple fix is easy to do and the most important.

    Also, many players aren't aware where to download map packs, and end up getting booted from the Discord server during prime time hours. All of this information should be easily visible and accessible to new/returning players. Many people including myself are not hardcore gamers and this information is not easily assumed by us.

    Additionally, for anyone who wants to promote the game: YouTube is a free and powerful marketing tool. I had a tribes vengeance video back in the day (I know lol) which had around 25k views and had newcomers interested. Make sure to include keywords people would search such as "gameplay" within the title and description, with a link to tribesnext. If you play other games add them to your channel as well to cross-sell (although not necessary). Some dude even hopped on the Discord Pub server last night and streamed T2 live on his channel and had some of his followers interested.
  • VGH

    I'm an old player of T2 (around 2001/2003).
    I'm happy to see some guyz try to keep alive the game. I have a lot of nice memories on this game.
    Is it possible to find servers with human players some time ? the evening maybe ?

    I will be very happy if i could play spinner some evening by month !

  • Hey there, it's certainly possible. I see people playing daily but it depends on the hour. Usually there's a server that fills up with about 15-20 players every day. And there are a couple of other people playing on bot servers. If you want to play with more people recommend this to your friends or anyone on discord servers or gaming forums. Some people just need to be reminded that this exists.
  • Playing almost every night. Came back last spring, it there were few players most nights.

    Lately, some nights still dud out, but some nights have had over 24 peeps in that server at once! So happy to be getting some T2 goodness again!
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