Map Rotation

Are there any plans to incorporate an easy to manage map rotation into TribesNext?

The Evolution admin mod is way too buggy to trust (I'm fed up with it and removing it completely). In another thread, someone gave me a simplistic mission cycle, but I want more than that. I don't want to let people vote for maps not in the cycle. In essence, I want them "removed". I don't want to have to type in 50 mission names into the admin HUD only to have them stored in some secret variable that accidentally gets cleared or doesn't help me when I start up a new server/reinstall an existing one.

How has Tribes 2 existed for so long without a simpler way to rotate missions?

I'll be happy to try another admin mod if it's had development past the year 2002 and actually has some hint of support around it. It's frustrating... I just want it to work!


  • How has Tribes 2 existed for so long without a simpler way to rotate missions?
    Probably because the best way was for the server admins to just only have maps installed that they actually want players to play. As for admin mods, Eolk is planning one, so you might throw your two cents into having a simple rotation function put in or something.
  • Krash offered a script for your server at the request of Oplem. You can find it here:
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    That's what I was referring to in the first post. I still wish it easily removed maps from the voting.

    HOWEVER, I now have Evolution working properly. Before I did that though, I built my own MissionSkip.cs that I will happily share with other server admins. If you'd like to start off with NO maps in rotation and want to add them as you see fit... here you go!

    I believe it goes in your prefs folder.

    I'll post my Excel file that I used to generate this later tonight.

    edit: This is the BUILT-IN way to skip missions. This is the file that is generated when you choose to "Remove map from rotation" in the admin HUD.
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