Advanced bot maps for Base - The mod!


These are improved bots for Base, the default Tribes 2 game mode. This is incompatible with other mods.

The mod contains 64 maps in total mostly for CTF, Siege, and CnH. In addition to having many bug fixes over the default bots, they can throw and detect mines, use missile launchers, drive vehicles, use the MPB teleporter, deploy pulse/motion sensors and cameras, use paths to attack generators, and many more. These (version 3) bots were made by Lagg-Alot back in 2005. 

While this mod doesn't contain any new maps, it combines all the bot supported maps by Lagg-Alot, Roboto, and MetaDrax (as of 10 February 2023) into one giant pack. Additionally, these maps maps are now separated from any other mods' map lists, because they are made to be visibile only when you launch this mod. Because these maps have custom scripts, separating them solves many problems that were caused if you tried these maps in a mod like Shifter, Meltdown 2, and so on. This mod also lets you add up to 63 bots from the main menu, without having to type anything into the console to add more than 16 bots.

Install instructions:

1. Put everything from the 'Tribes2InstallFolder' to your Tribes 2 install folder and OVERWRITE stuff when asked. For example, the 'GameData' folder from here should overwrite the 'GameData' folder that you have.

2. PLAY by using the 'BaseBots_Offline/Online' .bat file! That's it.

3. If you still have the old standalone maps, delete your older .vl2 maps from the 'GameData\Base' folder: CNHBotMapPack, CTFBotMapPack, SiegeBotMapPack, lag-alot_map_pack, and my 8 maps ending with 'Rob'.

Enjoy! -Roboto


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Link 2:



  • This is really cool, thank you very much. But how can I host a dedicated server?

    I have tried a fresh installation, used only your files, started the dedicated server, it loaded the normal Katabatic map but without any bots, looks like enabled bots in ServerPrefs.cs will be ignored, I can join this server, voted for map change, but still no bots.

    After that I just switched to Katabatic AIV inside the ServerPrefs.cs and started the server again, but still it won't load any bots and I am also unable to join this server, the error message that the server is cycling maps will pop up.

    I tried it two times over normal Windows and also an installation on Debian 11 over Wine, both is doing the same.

    Can you help here please?

  • It is working now, not a fresh installation of Tribes 2 is needed, a fresh installation of Tribes2Config_1.8 will be needed. So I guess some files are missing in the normal version, now I can set up a dedicated server. The only thing what I have is, that BotCount will be ignored, server will always start with 16 bots, also when I set it to 25 or something. Maybe here has someone a hint for me.


  • edited March 18

    It doesn't require anything but a fresh install of Tribes 2, I just tested it myself, again. But, apparently since I just took this mod from my T2ContentPack collection, I forgot to include (in this .zip file) some things that were already included in T2ContentPack. That's why I didn't notice it was missing something here. Things I forgot to copy are the scripts that allow more than 16 bots, and specifying a bot map in the ServerPrefs.cs file, like this: $Host::Map = "Katabatic_AIV";

    So, thanks for trying it and pointing out the problems. I now re-uploaded the mod as version 1.1, which includes these fixes. Please delete the old version and use this new version instead. Also, remember to use the file BaseBots_Dedicated_Server_Online.bat in order to make a dedicated server (it will also clean any .dso junk scripts).



    Added the (previously forgotten) scripts that let you add up to 63 bots 

    Added ConnCtPatch.cs (fixed double bot count in the server list)

    Modified the ServerPrefs file


    First release

    Also, if you ever have problems running any mod, use this DSO remover to clean .dso file leftovers from the last time you ran Tribes 2.

  • Thank you very much for the fix, now everything is running fine 😀

  • No problem! Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

  • Thanks for the server and great effort with the mod! I find myself popping in occasionally.

    it's nice to have somewhere to go with balanced bots - a few servers have ultra skill bots that headshot within moments and others seem lobotomised.

  • I'm very glad you're having fun with the bots, so thanks for the message! I also want to thank Lagg-Alot & MetaDrax as well, and of course, many thanks to everyone who is hosting the bot servers. I'm a bit busy recently, so that's why there's no update right now, but I will eventually release a new version with new maps, hopefully sooner than later.

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